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The City of Brea and Stagelight Productions

Production of

Best of Stagelight

Director - Janice Kraus

Choreographer - Katie Lacock

Brea's Youth Theatre and Stagelight Productions are proud to be back with Best of Stagelight - featuring your favorite musical numbers from Stagelight's deep catalog of shows. This revue-style show has the benefit of showcasing multiple styles of musical theatre, allowing more opportunity for performers of all types to be showcased at their best.


As an added benefit, this format allows for smaller groups, both in rehearsals and performances. For the safety of our cast and crew, all BYT activities will conform to all state an local guidelines for programs of this nature. This includes allowing for social distancing at all rehearsals, keeping casts and rehearsal groups separate, single-cast weekends of performance, and ensuring that items like microphones are not shared within a cast.


Performance Dates: January 15th-31st 2021

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